Frustrated by the all too familiar story of his daughter leaving South Australia to chase employment interstate, Steve has put his hand up to help bring about a government that creates job opportunities locally.

Steve is committed to fighting for better local roads and transport. He will do what is necessary to ensure the area is a safe and friendly place to live, work and raise a family.

As a founder and director of software companies, Steve has the leadership skills and experience to represent the electorate of Davenport.

Having lived and raised his family in the same Happy Valley home for over 25 years, Steve is committed to being the strong local voice our community deserves.

His involvement in sporting clubs and community groups, including neighbourhood watch, has given him a good insight into local issues and concerns of residents.

As part of a Marshall Liberal Team, Steve will ensure the concerns of those in our local area are listened to and addressed.

Steve welcomes your feedback and is eager to hear your concerns so please do not hesitate to contact him if he can be of assistance to you.